Terms & Conditions

By accepting terms & conditions, you are hereby agree to the following conditions:

  • Products once sold, shall never be returned in any circumstance.
  • Products once packed, shall never be altered or exchanged with other items in any circumstance.
  • We use Industry Packaging Standards to ship goods. Consumer is eligible to claim any damage to goods during transit provided concrete evidence of damage. Consumer is requested to make an un-boxing video of packet/carton you receive so that you can claim any damage. No damage shall be entertained in the lack of such evidences.
  • Transportation charge is a variable which will depend upon total weight (including packaging) of the order and zone of the destination.
  • Transportation cost may not match with the actual transportation tariff. The difference depends on weight of the packing material and distance. It may be lesser or higher than the actual amount charged. In either case, difference of amount will neither be charged nor refunded.
  • Additional transportation charges will be levied to get back the same order if it returns back from the correct billing address.
  • Gaurashtra holds all right to change the cancellation policy, refund policy and terms & conditions at any time without prior notification.
  • All special requests like delivery time, details change etc. are required to be submitted by the customer within 8 hours of placing the order. After that, no such request shall be entertained and customer will be responsible if order returns to the origin.
  • In case of overseas delivery, before ordering customer is requested to check with their local custom regulations whether products are allowed to import in their respective country. Gaurashtra shall not be responsible if the items purchased are being seized by respective custom department in the destination or origin country. In this case, Gaurashtra will not be liable to pay any sort of refund.
  • Gaurashtra will not initiate refund to customers under any circumstance in case the order is lost during transit by carrier or Airline in origin and destination country.
  • Customer agrees that the products purchased from Gaurashtra will be for personal use only and products will not be used for any commercial use.