Gavyamart A2 Cow Ghee is a true health booster for you and your loved ones. Gavyamart Ghee is one of the best and highest selling A2 cow ghee across the world. Gavyamart Cow Ghee is made using cream method from A2 cows milk. This ghee is prepared hygienically in one of the largest gaushala with thousand of desi cows are being taken care every day. Indian cows ghee has been the best gift for human on earth. Shields you from seasonal diseases, Ghee Vital source of Energy.

PATHMEDA GHEE. Pathmeda Ghee is one of the highly trusted A2 Ghee in the world.

Gavyamart Pure A2 Cow Ghee is an authentic Panchagavya Product

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Is it 100% desi cow ghee ? ( Vijay Kumar, 18/11/2019 )
This ghee will no longer be available ( Gaurashtra, 18/11/2019 )
Just wanted to know, whether this Ghee is made from Makkhan.
If Yes, this Makkhan is made by your Gau Shala or u bought from outside
( RAJESH AGRAWAL, 01/09/2019 )
This one is made from cream produced within gaushala and not outsourced however we are no longer sourcing this ghee. ( Gaurashtra, 01/09/2019 )
Why is so much cheaper than the other brands of A2 ghee available? ( Tanay Mandowara, 12/08/2019 )
Because this one is made from cream. All other ghee that you see in 500ml pack are made from curd and that's why they have comparativley higher price. ( Gaurashtra, 12/08/2019 )
Which cow breed is this ghee made up of?? ( Abhishek, 26/04/2019 )
Desi Cow Breed only. It's an A2 milk ghee. ( Gaurashtra, 26/04/2019 )
Please let me know is this ghee made out of curd or cream

( Prakash, 04/03/2019 )
This ghee is made from cream method. All of the ghee available at that comes in 500ML pack are prepared with curd method. ( Gaurashtra, 04/03/2019 )

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Gavyamart Cow Ghee 1 Litre

  • Brand: Pathmeda
  • Product Code: Gavyamart Cow Ghee
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $13.17

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