• Compost for Organic Farming 100 GM

Cowpathy Organic Compost for Organic Farming is must for all those who have setup their own farm at home or office. Small or big doesn't matter; just add Cowpathy Organic Compost to soil and you are done. Organic compost gives life to your plants. Cowpathy Cowmpost is prepared in a controlled decomposition of cow dung that has been sanitized through the generation of heat and stabilized to the point that it is beneficial to plant growth.


Cowpathy Cowmpost is an organic matter resource that has the unique ability to improve the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of soil and growing plants.



  • Cowmpost improves the soil structure, porosity and density, thus creates a better plant root environment
  • It increases infiltration and permeability of heavy soil, thus reduces erosion and runoff
  • Improves water holding capacity, thus reduces water loss and leaching in sandy soil
  • Supplies a variety of macro and micro nutrients
  • May control or suppress certain soil-borne plant pathogens
  • Supplies significant quantities of organic matter
  • Improves cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soil, thus improves the ability to hold nutrients for plant use
  • Supplies beneficial microorganisms to soil
  • improves and stabilizes soil pH
  • Helps in bind and degrade specific pollutants

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Compost for Organic Farming 100 GM

  • Brand: Cowpathy
  • Product Code: Compost
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  • ₹ 25.00

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