Nari Sanjivani 200 ML Nari Sanjivani 200 ML Nari Sanjivani 200 ML Nari Sanjivani 200 ML
Nari Sanjivani 200 ML

Nari Sanjivani is an ayurvedic medicine which helps cure all diseases related to menstrual cycles. Regular use of Nari Sanjivani Syrup provides relief in menstrual disturbance like blood and white discharge, irregular periods, stomach and back ache. Nari Sanjivani helps cure disease related to Uterus. 

Nari Sanjivani Dosage:

10ml to 20ml twice a day after meal or as advised by your physician.

Nari Sanjivani is an authentic Ayurvedic Medicine.

kindly suggest, it will help for female infertility, because my wife menstrual cycle always changes ( Shivaraj, 10/01/2023 )

Yes, it will help for sure. Please ask her to consume with 1/4 spoon honey + 2 Triphala Gomutra Ghanvati along with twice a day before food. Avoid spicy, non veg, tea, coffee, etc.

( Gaurashtra, 10/01/2023 )
I am 34 years old. My menses are regular, but extremely scanty flow. What would be best for me? ( Sneha, 04/03/2021 )
Please provide some other more information regarding your problem so we that we can suggest you the best possible treatment.
Do you also feel pain in the abdominal area, if yes then what is the frequency of the pain?

You can also request a call back on 9999 399 398 to talk to our expert.

( Gaurashtra , 09/03/2021 )
my mother (age 61 years) has severe back pain and it increases during winters. please suggest a remedy for this ( surbhi, 14/01/2021 )
We prescribe you to use Brahmi churna and Prakriti pain relief oil.

How to use :
Take 1 tsp of Brahmi churna with lukewarm milk or water twice a day.
Message with Prakriti pain relief oil at the affected area and expose in the sun or cover it with some cloth for a while.

Avoid Rice, dahi, cold water(drink only lukewarm water), Tea, coffee. ( Gaurashtra , 16/01/2021 )

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Nari Sanjivani 200 ML

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