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GoSeva Gir Cow A2 Ghee is one of the most trusted product because of it's quality, taste and value for money attributes. Pure Gir Cow Ghee to deliver amazing taste and health benefits.


100% pure Gir Cow Ghee. Its anti oxidant property keeps you young and energetic. Anti septic property shields your health against infections. Best source of nutrition for you and your family as it tastes, what real ghee should taste like.

TIP: Ghee must always be consumed with hot items, specially liquids like daal, kadhi, milk etc. Cooking food in ghee makes it best taste wise as well as health wise!



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if we buy 2 or more goseva a2 cow ghee u will deliver free and rs.174/- discount ( Vijay Mehta, 03/09/2020 )
Free delivery is available for all products on purchase of ₹1299 (excluding applicable taxes) or above. ( Gaurashtra, 12/09/2020 )
My one question
Why are you sell A2 cow milk ghee in low rate because In these price I only get A2 cow milk .
( Kushagra, 22/04/2020 )
If you get A2 cow milk at the price of A2 cow ghee then we believe you need to review that you are buying milk at an extremely high price. ( Gaurashtra, 16/05/2020 )
Good morning sir
Sir I am doubtful about the purity of deshi ghee, I am daily consumer of ghee but in markets and specially patanjali deshi ghee is not also original
Sir can you clear my doubts
Second do you have ghritam which in panchkarma centre patient drink?
With regards
( Hansraj dhingra , 11/09/2019 )

Please share your doubts with us so that we can answer them with the best of our knowledge. We have listed available Panchagavya Ghrit for you below:

GoSeva Panchagavya Ghrit

Gou Ganga Panchagavya Ghrit

( Gaurashtra, 12/09/2019 )
I want to ask that they say it should be consumed with hot so if we use ghee mix with banana and jaggery so i have to heat ghee then use or simply put it direct from container and after that some time drink hot water ( Susil, 07/05/2019 )
Ghee should always be used with hot items. Consuming hot water later wouldn't serve the purpose here. ( Gaurashtra, 14/09/2019 )
I see your reviews in Amazon are very bad. They accuse you of mixing dalda. I am worried now. Weather it's pure or not ( Adarsh Holla, 15/10/2018 )
We are not sure about the reviews posted on Amazon for this product as what we believe is that choice of product varies from customer to customer. Based on reviews, we strongly suggest you to try Gangateeri Cow Ghee and Desi Cow Bilona Ghee to you. ( Gaurashtra, 15/10/2018 )
It is mentioned on the container as "Hand Churned", which will be bidirectional
However, while looking into a video about their preparation, It looks like wooden churner is placed below machine, which is churning it.
See around: 5 Mins 50 seconds

Please clarify, what is the exact procedure of churning the curd for this ghee.
( Avinash Pachar, 04/10/2018 )
GoSeva uses a bi-directional wooden churner for curd. Process shown in the video is authentic. ( Gaurashtra, 06/10/2018 )
My doctor has prescribed for consumption of pure desi ghee for my knee joint pain. Can I use this ghee as a medicine ? If yes, what could be the quantity/timing preferred. Please advice. Thanks. ( Rakesh, 21/06/2018 )
This is a pure hand churned gir cow ghee as suggested by your doctor however for dosage, I would recommend to take advise from the same doctor. For more help, please call us on 9999 399 398 from 11 AM to 9 PM, all days a week. Alternatively, you can also buy Prakriti Desi Cow Bilona Ghee which comes in glass container. ( Gaurashtra, 21/06/2018 )
1) How is it cheaper than other desi cow ghee in the market?
2) What is the difference between this and Bilona ghee?
( Swapneel, 03/01/2018 )


The Ghee you have posted your question on costs ₹1600 per litre which has more or less the same price as you see on other Genuine A2 Ghee sellers in the market.

However, Vedic Ghee from Ishavasyam cost ₹3400 per litre. Following would help you understand the difference between these two:


Both, Ishavasyam and Goseva owns only Gir Cow breed. Both manufacturers (Gaushalas) keep their cows in excellent standard of living. However, the difference is the way they are prepared and packed. Ishavasyam uses the ancient Indian methods to prepare ghee whereas Goseva does it the modern way.

To help you with more insights, Ishavasyam still uses the Clay pot to boil fresh raw unprocessed A2 milk whereas Goseva does not use Clay Pot they rather have large boilers.

Ishavasyam uses cow dung cake fire in the end to boil the makkhan separated during the churning process whereas Goseva has advance machines to perform the last stage of making ghee.



Ishavasyam keeps plastic away and packs ghee in a glass container keeping medicinal properties in mind whereas Goseva packs ghee in a plastic jar. Though the plastic jar meets the food grade but we still recommend ghee or any food to be kept aside of plastics.


Medicinal Properties:

While both Goseva and Ishavasyam makes Ghee using the hand churned process and comes with great medicinal properties, however Ishavasyam's Ghee should always be preferred since it is prepared the Vedic way and it is kept far away from plastic.

( Gaurashtra, 03/01/2018 )

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GoSeva Gir Cow A2 Ghee 500 ML

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