Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM
Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM

Switch to a sweeter, better, and healthier alternative to sugar today. Bring home Pure Desi Khand processed from Sugarcane crystals. Desi Khand is good for health as it is not being processed with Sulphur. Unlike Sugar, Khand is not processed through a bleaching process which takes away the natural minerals and often leaves harmful chemicals.

Desi Khand is a raw unrefined natural sweetener in powder form which contains all useful minerals that your body needs. Remember you are never too late to move over a healthy lifestyle, So, move over Sugar and bring Desi Khand home.

Why should you choose Gaurashtra Desi Khand?
  • No sulphur present, that means no synthetic sugar is added
  • Washed hygienically from Ganga water
  • Does not cause hyperacidity like synthetic sugar

NOTE: Being a natural product, this Khand does not contain any sort of chemical preservative or catalyst. You may experience sugarcane fibers and variation in color due to seasonal effects. Freshly prepared Khand comes absolutely white in color whereas its color changes from off-white to yellowish with time. Also, during the rainy and winter seasons, Khand tends to grab moisture from the air. This is a natural phenomenon associated with Khand and has no relation (direct or indirect) to the product's quality.

Do we have 5kg with some discounted price? ( Ash, 02/07/2023 )
The rate is already discounted on each kilogram.
( Gaurashtra, 10/07/2023 )
Khand ka colour kesa h?? ( Rajat Bhatt, 11/06/2023 )
Off white. Somewhat golden.
( Gaurashtra, 10/07/2023 )
what is code for free delivery as i have to order 10 kg of khand ( saurabh sharma, 05/04/2022 )
Use code - FreeShip on purchase of ₹1499 or above. ( Gaurashtra, 05/04/2022 )
Does this khand use any milk or ghee in preparation? If yes, is it A2 milk and ghee? ( Vipul Sharma, 24/08/2021 )
This khand does not use milk or ghee while preparation. ( Gaurashtra, 25/08/2021 )
Has the sugar cane been grown with natural farming process and without any chemicals,that is being used for making desi khand ( Amita Gupta, 23/04/2021 )
Sugarcanes are sourced from various suppliers. So, this will be a mix of sugarcanes used for producing khand. ( Gaurashtra, 23/04/2021 )
It is less processed than Sugar. Why it's price is more than Sugar and Sugarcane ? ( Jayanta Beriha, 11/03/2021 )
The process used to made desi khand is time consuming and the output is less as compared to the process used in making sugar, that is the reason it is costlier than sugar. ( Gaurashtra , 15/03/2021 )
can it be used while making tea? ( Mahesh Iyer, 21/12/2020 )
Yes, you can ( Gaurashtra, 21/12/2020 )
Hare Krishan Prabhu
I want to purchase appx 15-20 kg of desi Khand in order to distribute among my office colleagues, so that they can switch from sugar to khand
But I am worried whether your product is really genuine and not fake. Don't take it otherwise but they are many other brands selling same item in same price range at Amazon and other sites and some of them are fake but the taste, texture, color of these fake product is also similar to original product and we general public are not in position in differentiate between original item and fake item and might pay 2-3 times the price of sugar and still be consuming same sugar at high price
1. Please guide how to differentiate between genuine Desi Khand and fake Khand
2. Even brand like Patanjali sell Desi Khand at similar price appx 130/k, how your product is better than Patanjali Khand
3. If possible your team can share some Youtube video on making of Desi Khand how it is processed and packed then it will be beneficial
( Jitendra Sharma, 26/09/2020 )
This khand is packed the way it is, no adulteration, essence, colour or perfumes are being used to give you the feel of genuine khand. This khand is not different to home like khand. No preservatives are added to this khand. ( Gaurashtra, 02/10/2020 )
Is it really pure khand or fake. Please help me honestly. ( Tontesh Digambarmath, 26/09/2020 )
Tontesh Ji, this khand is processed using the traditional way without any preservative or added colour or tastener.  ( Gaurashtra, 02/10/2020 )
Can I use it to make sweet daliya in the place of Suger & what is the benefits? ( Lokesh Taneja, 30/08/2020 )
Yes, you can. Unlike sugar, khand is not chemically processed or bleached. Khand is a natural sweetener. ( Gaurashtra, 30/08/2020 )
My genuine doubt is: how will it be white if the minerals are not extracted from it and do not bleach? ( Aringada C Thomas, 25/08/2020 )
Colour of khand depends on various natural factors such as weather and season khand was produced in. Anything you prepare in natural environment using 100% natural substance will change from time to time, be it anything. ( Guarashtra, 26/08/2020 )
I am not able to use code "KHAND" for free shipping (5kg). ( Dhananjay Kumar, 11/07/2020 )
Free delivery is now available on purchase of 7 kg or more khand. ( Gaurashtra, 16/07/2020 )
I have put in cart 5 Kgs of Sudh khand. I could not place the order and how do I make the payment. I live in Kolkata how long will it take for the delivery? ( Amelraj Susai Manickam, 18/05/2020 )
Add 5 in quantity and click on add to cart, then click on the checkout button to follow the on screen instructions. For help, please call us on 9999 399 398. ( Gaurashtra, 18/05/2020 )
I want to purchase 5 kg two bags of deshi khand. ( H r Singh, 16/05/2020 )
Khand comes in 1 KG pack. Please put mention the required quantity and click on add to cart button to place your order online. ( Gaurashtra, 16/05/2020 )
Do you ship products to New York?

( Priyadarshini, 13/05/2020 )
We will start shipping once the situation get back to normal. ( Gaurashtra, 16/05/2020 )
Can we use it with tea or coffee? ( Kushal, 28/02/2020 )
Yes, you can. ( Gaurashtra, 01/03/2020 )
When I ordered this Desi Khand around 1 month ago then,the colour of the khand is light brown and when I ordered now then,the colour is white.

So,the colour depends upon different varieties of Sugarcane or there is another reason behind this?
( Ankit, 27/02/2020 )
Khand colour varies with time. Weather, humidity also changes the aroma, taste of khand. This is a natural phenomenon which does not impact the quality or authenticity of khand. ( Gaurashtra, 01/03/2020 )
Is this misri? What is the english name for this? ( Shailesh, 16/12/2019 )
This is traditional khand and it is different from Mishri and Sugar. As of we are aware, there isn't any english name of it. ( Gaurashtra, 26/12/2019 )
Susant look 2 b 196 secaare 57 ( Furkan Ali, 22/11/2019 )
You are reuqested to place your order online so that we can process it for you. ( Gaurashtra, 23/11/2019 )
You have any branch in Ahmedabad Gujarat ( Rahul vijay, 08/11/2019 )
All our operations are carried out online. We don't have any retail store. ( Gaurashtra, 08/11/2019 )
Is Deshi khand is the fine form of sugar(Bhura) and what is difference between sugar,brown sugar and deshi khand. ( Rahul vijay, 07/11/2019 )
All three are different from each other. 
Brown sugar is directly made from jaggery.
Market sugar contains sulphur and many other chemicals are used to purify it which are harmful for human body.
Deshi khand is made by purifying the brown sugar by natural process.

It is recommended to use deshi khand as a substitute to market sugar which contains harmful chemicals. ( Gaurashtra , 12/01/2021 )
I want to buy gaurasta khand 5 kgs..what is the offer, is cash on delivery available I. My area west Bengal pin-742133 , ... How many days require for delivery? ( Asif Anwar, 13/08/2019 )
Cash on delivery is not available at pincode 742133. If you buy 5 Kgs then it will cost ₹125 per kg and delivery will be free for you. So, you can get 5 Kg khand delivered at just ₹625. ( Gaurashtra, 15/08/2019 )
What will be the price of 5kg Khand. ( Dhananjay Prasad Baranwal, 01/07/2019 )
₹125 per Kilogram ( Gaurashtra, 01/07/2019 )
I wish to place a special request with the order. Pls deliver 5kg desi khand wrapped in some cotton/terracotta bags & then placed in a carton box. & pls replace newspaper bits with the same cotton material for cushioning the wrapped packets in the carton box.
Please consider our small concern regarding the packaging of the product.
I have been placing order for the same product . We trust the quality of your product. & would be consistently interested towards making orders regarding same product.
Hopefully our request would be considered n responded well.
( Apeksha Mehrishi, 06/06/2019 )
As discussed, please mention in the comment box while placing your order online and our team will take care of it ( Gaurashtra, 06/06/2019 )
Is organic farming used for sugarcane production? ( Manisha Samble, 19/02/2019 )
Sugarcane is outsourced for the production which has a mix of organic and inorganic sugarcane. ( Gaurashtra, 19/02/2019 )
Is it hundred percent Chemical free or any type of Chemical is used during making process ( ARYAN Raj, 24/01/2019 )
No chemical used at any stage of production. ( Gaurashtra, 24/01/2019 )
What is the shelf life of the product ? ( Swarnadeep Bandyopadhyay, 19/01/2019 )
It doesn't expire as long you keep it away from moisture. ( Gaurashtra, 19/01/2019 )
Is this the same as misri?
Or is it simply sulphur less sugar?
( Ankit, 11/11/2018 )
Desi Khand is neither misri nor sulphur less sugar. Khand is prepared from sugarcane juice which is dried in an air dryer. No chemicals are being used in the entire process which further gives you the best and healthy alternate of sugar. ( Gaurashtra, 11/11/2018 )
Is it safe for diabetes ( Aman, 10/10/2018 )
Not recommended to patients suffering from Diabetes ( Gaurashtra, 11/10/2018 )

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Gaurashtra Desi Khand 800 GM

  • Brand: Gaurashtra
  • Product Code: Desi Khand
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ₹350.00
  • ₹124.00

  • Ex Tax: ₹118.10

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