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Main Reasons Behind Sinusitis | How It Can Be Cured Permanently Without Surgery?

Main Reasons Behind Sinusitis | How It Can Be Cured Permanently Without Surgery?

Many people in this world are much affected by Sinusitis. This happens majorly in winters due to cold. Sinuses are the hollow passages in the skull. When these passages are disturbed, it causes yellowish, greenish nasal discharge, bad breath, cough, headache, ear and teeth pain, etc. Ayurveda recognizes it as imbalanced, Kapha Dosha. Kapha dosha is sticky, cool, and heavy. That is why it is called in Hindi, “Thand lag gayi hai.” Sometimes the nose gets swollen by cough, and it becomes challenging to breathe. Tears roll down through cheeks for a long, and it becomes tough performing daily routine tasks. Children become unable to attend school, and adults become unable to attend their office.


Reasons Behind Sinusitis


Sinusitis is mainly caused due to low immune system. Due to poor immunity, our body becomes unable to produce such proteins, which neutralize micro-organisms present in our nose and mouth. If your body temperature is appropriate and you have strong immunity in your body, you may not be likely to be affected by Sinusitis. Besides immunity, if you eat unseasonal food for long, for example, ice cream in winters, you get caught by Sinusitis. It mainly happens due to cold. There are no. of ways you can prevent Sinusitis.


How To Cure Sinusitis


1.      Ample consumption of lemon. Lemon is acidic and helps in reducing Kapha Dosha. Lemon dramatically helps in getting rid of Sinusitis.

2.      Drinking warm water. Anything hot reduces Kapha, and hot water is its best and readily available example.

3.     Regular exercise. Doing regular exercise makes the body healthy and increases immunity. It much helps in getting rid of Sinusitis.

4.     Doing Pranayam. Pranayam is also beneficial in the prevention of Sinusitis. It dramatically enhances immunity.

5.      Using Panchagavya ghrit, mustard oil, or Anu tail. These three Ayurvedic medicines work perfectly in Sinusitis. Just put two drops in each nostril twice a day.

6.      Gomutra Asav. I highly recommend Ayurvedic medicine. This is one of the best medications which can get you rid of Sinusitis within hours. It is made from the cow urine fermentation process.

7.     Celibacy. It is the best way to keep your immunity at peak all the time. The better you keep your reproductive capability, the more you become stronger.

8.      Eat seasonal food. Unseasonal food consumption is one of the most crucial reasons why people get caught by Sinusitis so easily. If you eat cool items like cold beverages, ice creams, fruits, and vegetables like mango, you will lower your immunity level.

9.      Bath with warm water. Warm water can prove to be a medicine if you use it for the bath. As I said above, any hot thing is medicine in cold & cough.

10.  Keep oral hygiene. As I said previously, oral contamination is responsible for Sinusitis. When your immunity is low, then micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses dominate your health. It is highly recommended that you wash your hands regularly, keep your nose and mouth clean when you are caught by Sinusitis.


These are very simple but highly effective measures that can keep you safe from cough, cold, and Sinusitis. It is our advice that you do not take any self-medication of allopathic medicines in such cases. Allopathic medicines have a side effect that may turn into a nightmare if you take them without a prescription. I’ve mentioned few Ayurvedic medicines above, which you can take as these do not harm human life. These are also readily available in almost every household. There are some medicines which you can buy from us. Hyperlinks have been shared already above. I hope this article has answered your query. If you have any further questions or want any consultation, I will provide it for free.


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