Buy Water Bottle that is made from 100% finest quality clay. Fine mixture of 5 types of clay rich in minerals. One of the best Clay Water Bottle to store drinking water. Best for office use. Make it a healthy habit to keep your drinking water in clay bottles. One of the best clay used in these bottles ensure balance of minerals in the water. Replace chemically treated plastic bottles today which causes silent yet serious health problems.

Video Courtesy: Weight Loss Region

Things to know about clay bottles:

1. Being 100% pure clay bottle and treated in furnace at extremely high temperatures for greater durability, these clay water bottles gives you comparatively colder water than room temperature. Clay capacity to keep water cool depends on various factors such as temperature bottles are kept in, humidity in the air

2. New clay water bottle tends to absorb mositure (mostly from water stored in) for some time which results in condensation at outer surface. Over a period of time, this absorption gets reduced and bottle gets little hardened

3. After prolonged use, a white layer is created (due to oxidation) outside the bottle (like any clay water storage such as matka)

4. New clay water bottle leaves water from bottom like matka (पानी चू-ना) but it gets stopped after sometime ( depends on moisture in the air)

5. Shape and volume of the bottle may vary a bit in each bottle (as these are purely hand made) but we have specially taken care that you get quantity of more than 900 ml in your bottle at least

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What are the exact dimensions of the bottle? How does one clean such a bottle? Lastly, do you have COD option? ( Paddy, 19/11/2019 )
Relax, our team will aim to answer your question within 48 hours.
Hello my friend, how are you doing. I hope that you and your family are well
I would like to know whether this bottle leaks from the cork or at the bottom. Does the water seep through the bottom of the bottle.

Looking forward to hearing back, Julien
( Julien Foubert, 13/01/2019 )

Cork used in this bottle is not leak proof, this is only used to cover the bottle inlet. Bottle is leak proof however you may experience some water droplets collected at its surface in an event of being exposed to hot humid weather. It is called condensation.

( Gaurashtra, 13/01/2019 )
1.Which type of clay is used to make?
2.Price is almost equivalent to any copper bottle. What additional benefits of using clay bottle than copper bottle?
( kaustubh makwana, 11/10/2018 )

These bottles are made up of 5 different clay collected from different regions of India. Each clay is enriched with different minerals which works as supplement if water stored in clay bottle. Please watch this video below for more information:

Source: Weight Loss Region

( Gaurashtra, 11/10/2018 )
What happens when it falls on ground.will it break ( Tarun Kumar roy, 07/10/2018 )
Yes, it will break. ( Gaurashtra, 07/10/2018 )

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Clay Water Bottle with Cork - 1 Litre

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