Clay Water Carry Bottle 750ml

Clay Water Bottle is specially desined to carry easily wherever you want. Keep it at home, shop or take it to your office. Clay is porous material hence, it is good for your health. Clay ensures that water nutrients remains in the water. Moisturised clay surface keeps water cool no matter how hot is the temperature outside.

Key features

  • Prepared from Pure Clay
  • No Terracotta, Porcelain, Plaster of Paris used
  • Easy to clean and long lasting
  • 0% loss of water nutrients.
  • Environment and health friendly

Things to know about clay bottles:

1. Being 100% pure clay bottle and treated in furnace at extremely high temperatures for greater durability, these clay water bottles gives you comparatively colder water than room temperature. Clay capacity to keep water cool depends on various factors such as temperature bottles are kept in, humidity in the air

2. New clay water bottle tends to absorb mositure (mostly from water stored in) for some time which results in condensation at outer surface. Over a period of time, this absorption gets reduced and bottle gets little hardened

3. After prolonged use, a white layer is created (due to oxidation) outside the bottle (like any clay water storage such as matka)

4. New clay water bottle leaves water from bottom like matka (पानी चू-ना) but it gets stopped after sometime ( depends on moisture in the air)

5. Shape and volume of the bottle may vary a bit in each bottle (as these are purely hand made) but we have specially taken care that you get quantity of more than 900 ml in your bottle at least

6. Carry clay water bottle or spill proof water bottle has fixed top most portion. Please do not try to loosen that to open the bottle

I have ordered one bottle and have received the bottle. However the top plastic cap is not coming out is it like this only? ( Mayank Dixit, 20/02/2023 )

Namaste Mayank Ji!,

Yes, the plastic cap is fixed and cannot be removed. You can only open lift the lid to use the bottle.

( Gaurashtra, 04/03/2023 )
what is the water bottle weight ( Dharmendra Bhat, 09/08/2020 )
Approx 1 KG without water filled in. ( Gaurashtra, 20/08/2020 )
How to clean this water bottle? is it only made of one type of clay? ( Sachin Daundkar, 20/02/2020 )
Put luke warm water and use bottle cleaning brush to clean the inner surface. ( Gaurashtra, 09/03/2020 )
How much of litre water keep ? and how much weight as i want to bring in foreign so i need weight ( mohit, 29/09/2019 )
One bottle stores approximately 750 ML water. Volume may vary as these are handmade bottles. With packaging one bottle would weigh somewhere around 2 Kilograms however weight may vary as well since these are handmade. ( Gaurashtra, 30/09/2019 )
Sir is bottle ka cap plastic ka h ya phir other metal ka h ( Akash, 10/05/2018 )
Is bottle par plastic ki cap use hoti hai ( Gaurashtra, 10/05/2018 )

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Clay Water Carry Bottle 750ml

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