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There is no single basic need of human beings which cannot be fulfilled by cow (by this word we refer to pure Indian breed only), the only requirement is to explore and research on products given by cow, in today’s scenario. There are number of people in BHARAT who are associated with mission of cow conservation and protection. By their mutual efforts, this has now been proved that cow is a boon for humanity. Cow has been worshipped in BHARAT for several millenniums. Our great sages drafted the pattern of society in such a manner that society could preserve this precious gift given to humanity by nature, cow. Since we are now living in an era where our thought process is bent more scientifically, therefore a need was realized to revive lost reputation of cow in our daily lives and that’s too with scientific reasoning. Today, people working towards cow conservation are making so many quality products from cow’s gavya (milk, curd, ghee, dung and urine) which not only have beneficial but life saving properties as well! The only challenge is the gap between them and the consumer which is due to lack of advertisement and marketing. These manufacturers are not capitalists who can spend money on advertisement and branded packing but products they make have the best quality!

Gaurashtra is a mission to re-establish cows of Bharatiya breed back to the centre of country’s economy. Gaurashtra is committed to provide market and platform to manufacturers who are working hard to save mother cow by making best quality products from panchgavyas. Gaurashtra is committed towards re-establishment of decentralized economy in BHARAT which was key model in making it golden sparrow. Gaurashtra is committed to constantly provide best quality products to it’s customers without any compromise. Gaurashtra is committed to explore abilities of Bharatiya cow species meeting today’s challenges and demands, by carrying out thorough researches. In this direction, we have brought best quality products made from Panchgavyas for daily life. These products include cosmetic items, Panchgavya medicines, pooja items and much more. All these items are manufactured by various gaushalas and research centers. Once you use these products, you would not like switch for any other brand under the same category of product. Not only this, your purchase of these best quality products will contribute into strengthening of national economy and will motivate more people to come towards this noble cause of cow protection and conservation.


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